SPB 007 - How To Level Up Your Brand And Your Business In The Digital Marketing World With Nix Eniego

May 31, 2017

Welcome to episode 007 of The Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. We have another exciting and awesome guest for today's episode and I'm sure as the title suggest, this will help you level up your brand and business in the digital marketing world.

Nix and I talked lots of things on this one. From SEO, branding, building a sustainable online business, and how you can position yourself in the crowded online place today.

Nix is very kind and humble to share his time and "his secrets" to us. I'm telling you, this is another epic episode here at the Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast.

One of the best thing about Nix is his transparency and honesty. He shared all the things working for him without holding back.

Finish this episode and I'm sure you'll get actionable steps and tips that can help you grow your blog, your brand and your business as a whole.

Who is Nix Eniego?

Nix Eniego is one of the well-known digital marketers in the Philippines. He's the marketing head of Sprout Solutions where they help businesses in their HR needs.

Nix is an inbound marketing expert, an SEO and social media geek.

He holds lots of workshops. He talked and appeared in different big seminars here in the Philippines. He also helps and inspires lots of aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses. 

He's just 24 and turning 25 this July. Whaaat? Yes, that's correct!

This young man sounds and talks like multi-million dollar CEO. Well, he deserved it naman. In time, we know he will be.

Listen to him and learn all the key takeaways below.

Key Takeaways

  • Nix Eniego's personal story and how he got started
  • Nix's new venture that will help startups and entrepreneurs in growing their business and brands
  • How Nix started earning money at a young age by selling and trading NBA cards
  • How Nix discovered making money online
  • How he started as a freelance writer and developed his passion for SEO
  • How he makes more money by becoming an SEO expert having international clients
  • Why he go back to corporate world 
  • What is an SEO according to Nix and its importance to bloggers and entrepreneurs
  • Nix's 3 SEO secrets on how you can rank your blog or website today
  • What's the best topic or niche for newbie bloggers who wants to build a profitable blog
  • Why Nix decided to "go out" from being anonymous and how he grew up a brand in a short period of time
  • Nix's advice on how you can stand out today as a new blogger or entrepreneur
  • Nix's first earnings online and his realizations after
  • How Nix got scammed online and how he resolved it "fearlessly"
  • What's the best monetization for blogs today according to Nix
  • One thing Nix would do if he's going to start again all this online endeavor
  • Some fun facts about Nix Eniego
  • Nix's best advice for aspiring Filipino bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to build a successful blog or online business

I enjoyed this episode and most importantly I learned so much. I will apply all Nix's recommendation and see how it will help me grow my blogs and online ventures.

You should do the same. All actionable steps were already laid out by Nix on this episode, start applying which one suits your needs and grow your brand and business.

If you have any comment of feedback, just let us know.

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