SPB 008 - Inspiring And Educating Filipino About Financial Literacy, Investing And Entrepreneurship With Nolan Lazaro

June 7, 2017

Welcome to episode 008 of The Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. In today's episode, we're having another awesome guest that will surely inspire and help us not only in blogging and online business but in Financial literacy, investing and entrepreneurship too.

He's so kind and generous to give his time to us despite his busy and hectic schedule. When you finished the episode, he also promises to give us "bonus" about their upcoming product specifically for SPB listeners.

Our guest for today, Mr. Nolan Lazaro.

Who is Nolan Lazaro?

He was a former OFW and now an investor and entrepreneur. He's the Head of IT of The Global Filipino Investors.

He appeared in different tv and radio shows. He also talked in different Schools and Institutions promoting Financial Literacy and personal finance.

He's the man behind the SuperOFW blog at NolanLazaro.com where he educates and inspires OFWs and Filipino around the world about financial literacy and proper money mindset.

He runs several online and offline business including "mushroom business" that had been featured in GMA Channel 7.

He's a blogger, A music enthusiast, A speaker & a Financial literacy advocate.

Key Takeaways

  • Nolan Lazaro's personal story on how he started working as an OFW in the Middle East to Singapore
  • How he started his journey in financial freedom
  • What books helped him realized the importance of financial literacy
  • How he developed his mindset, skills, and knowledge about proper money mindset while still an OFW
  • How he started business while still working abroad
  • How and why he started the SuperOFW blog
  • How his blog helped him in spreading financial literacy and inspiring lots of Filipinos worldwide
  • Why Filipino especially OFWs need financial literacy
  • His best personal finance advice for aspiring or newbie OFWs 
  • His best advice for long-term OFWs who wants to settle and go back to the Philippines
  • His thoughts in building a successful and profitable blog
  • How to identify the best topic for your blog
  • Identifying "your reader's avatar" in building your blog or online business
  • His thoughts on monetizing your blog
  • How OFWs can earn extra money online thru blogging 
  • What's the best monetization for aspiring Pinoy bloggers according to Nolan 
  • His best advice for aspiring Pinoy bloggers and online entrepreneurs

Links and Resources

SuperOFW blog

The Global Filipino Investors


Rich Dad Poor Dad

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