SPB 010 - The Things You Need To Know In Building A Profitable Blog Or Online Business With J3 Patino

June 21, 2017

We're on episode 010 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger podcast and we're having Mr. J3 Patino, the man behind and the founder of PinoyMoneyAcademy.com. 

This is one of the best and epic episodes here in the Smart Pinoy Blogger podcast. Straight to the facts, no-BS, pure value and all actionable tips.

Trust me, after listening to this episode you'll have the best idea and strategy on how you're going to "attack" this online journey.

Who is J3 Patino?

He's the founder of PinoyMoneyAcademy.com where he shares financial literacy and investing tips to Filipinos all over the world. It consists of blog and videos where he dropped awesome tips related to success and personal finance.

What I love about his videos is the value he provides. Jam-packed ika nga. Additionally, the way he did it was full of energy and enthusiasm. Masstar-struck ka, ika nga.

He's also the founder of gameofwealthonline.com, where he shared awesome tips for Filipinos Who Want to Achieve Financial Freedom and Abundance.

He's also the founder of stockmarketforpinoys.com where he shares tips and tutorials about the stock market.

He's also the co-founder of business start-up blueprint where they teach Filipinos on how to start their own business the right way.

Aside from these, he's also a Registered Financial Planner, a financial literacy advocate, an entrepreneur, a coach and a consultant. And of course, a loving husband of his wife.

Key Takeaways

  • How J3 started his journey in blogging and online business
  • J3 Patino's first income online doing an "offline" activity
  • How blogging help his businesses grow and gain more customers
  • What's Pinoy Money Academy - its umbrella of blogs and online businesses
  • Why J3 chose online business instead of traditional one
  • The Income Trifecta - the 3 pieces you need if you want to make money online in whatever ways you want
  • The best way to stand out in blogging and online business today
  • How to survive in this blogging and online journey
  • J3's realizations after his first earnings online
  • J3's 2 approaches in choosing the best topics to blog
  • What's one thing J3 will change if he's going to start his blog and businesses again
  • Some fun personal facts about J3
  • J3's 2 best picks of advice for aspiring Pinoy bloggers and online entrepreneurs

Links and Resources




Business Start-up Blueprint

Truly Rich Club

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