SPB 012 - How To Become A Legendary Freelancer And Online Entrepreneur With John Pagulayan

July 5, 2017

Welcome to episode 012 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger podcast.

We're having another awesome guest on today's episode. I'm sure this is going to be epic. If you're a freelancer, a blogger or an aspiring entrepreneur this will surely help you.

Napaka-humble nitong taong ito. I met him once pero hindi kami nakapag-picture kasi naunahan ako ng hiya that time. Haha! Next time I'll make sure we got one.

We got John Pagulayan and we everybody is calling him "The Legend".


Well simply because he is. He's a legendary.

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Who is John Pagulayan?

He is a certified email marketing guru. An email copywriter to be exact and as shared, he makes a living by sending emails. Kamusta naman yun?

He runs a successful freelance business and works with international clients. At gaya nga ng nabanggit ko, he's a top earner pagdating sa freelancing.

Ang nakaka-curious pa, he does this outside Upwork and other freelancing sites. Yes, outside Upwork and other freelancing sites.

He previously worked several jobs, worked in BPO as a trainer and eventually land into online freelancing.

Today, he's one of the top Pinoy freelancers earning a living and huge income online. And aside from that, he's also helping and inspiring other Pinoy freelancers to become top-earner outside Upwork with his new tribe called The Freelance Movement.

What you'll learn

  • John Pagulayan's personal story where he got started
  • How he worked several "side jobs" just to get by
  • Why and how he got job in the booming call center industry and worked there for 8 years
  • How he discovered online marketing while working as a trainer in BPO industry
  • What triggered him to be curious in online marketing & making money online
  • How he started his first blog
  • What he realized after NOT earning any "$" in the first 9 months of blogging
  • John's advice on how aspiring bloggers can position themselves if they're just starting out
  • Why freelancing business is his main thing instead of another online opportunity
  • "The Lobster analogy" that can help you level up your career and your life
  • What separates successful freelancers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs from those who failed
  • How his income jumped from P30,000/month into a whopping 6 digits income
  • Why he's not a fan of Upwork and other freelancing sites and why he will not go there to find jobs or make money
  • What is email marketing and how it can help you connect with your audience
  • Why John Pagulayan chose email over other platforms (Allan Ngo in episode 002 also chose email)
  • How he gathered 2700+ leads for almost no expense on his end
  • 3 Core process essential for online business to survive
  • The things you need to know in order to "really grow" your business
  • John's thoughts on shifting a particular mindset to break "common self-doubts"
  • Why Jon chose online business instead of traditional one
  • How can someone stand out online today
  • How John became a well-known influencer in the freelancing industry in the Philippines in just a short period of time
  • The "one thing" John Pagulayan will do if he will going to start all over again
  • John's best picked of advice for aspiring freelancers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs

Links and Resources

The Freelance Movement
The Go-Giver book

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