SPB 014 - 7 Essential Things You Need To Have To Build A Profitable Blog Or Online Business

July 19, 2017

In the last episode, we talked about how to choose the best topic for your blog. I got a couple of emails that it helped them to get started and mapped out their plans. Now, I decided to continue the tips and tutorials para hindi naman bitin.

After choosing or researching the topic, what's the next step?

So I decided to do this as an episode-series. 4-week episodes where I will share the basics and fundamentals things you need in starting your own blog or online business. This one would be the week#2.

And let's call this the 7 Essential things you need to start a profitable blog or online business.

On this episode, I'll share (the basics and fundamentals) you need to know or to have in order to start growing and building a profitable blog or online business.

If you're just starting out or if you just get started but need some advice or clarification, this might help.

If you're just planning or mapping out your blogging or online business goals, this might help.

And if you're 0-knowledge, beginner, aspiring blogger or online entrepreneur, I guarantee you this will surely help.

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Are you ready? Let's dive in!

What you'll learn

1. Domain

  • What is a domain?
  • Free vs. Paid domains
  • Tips on selecting a domain name
  • How to purchase a domain?

2. Web Hosting

  • What is a web hosting?
  • Free vs. Paid web hosting
  • Tips on selecting a web host
  • How to purchase a web hosting?
  • Check siteground here.

3. Platform

  • Your options (website, youtube, podcasts, email etc.)
  • Why choose Wordpress?
  • The difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

4. Email Auto Responder

5. The Value you provide(your message/content)

  • In depth articles or tutorials about a certain topic or niche
  • A video tutorial that solves specific problems
  • An audio that provides valuable content about a certain topic (listen to the previous episode)
  • Email marketing (providing value/content via email)

6. Your Product or Offer or Monetization method

  • Ads (Google Adsense, Nuffnang, Facebook Audience Network etc.)
  • Services (writing, web design, virtual assistance etc.)
  • Affiliate (Other people products like Lazada, Truly Rich Club etc.)
  • Physical Products (t-shirts, perfumes, accessories etc.)
  • Digital Product (Ebooks, E-courses and more)

7. Traffic

  • Paid Traffic
  • Free Traffic

Links and Resources(that can help)

Episode 012 with John Pagulayan

Episode 002 with Allan Ngo



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