SPB 009 - The Journey, Thoughts And Insights About Blogging And Online Business Of Mr. Common Cents Carlo Mercado

June 14, 2017

Welcome to episode 009 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. In today's episode, we're having Mr. Carlo Mercado as our guest.

He will share his insights and his own journey how he started blogging and how it helps him in spreading his mission to Filipinos all over the world.

Who is Carlo Mercado?

He's the founder of Common Cents blog - a simple yet value-packed blog that promotes financial freedom for Filipinos all over the world.

It also promotes early retirement, investing, proper money mindset, the importance of insurance and financial literacy.

Before it's called Retire Before 65 and now recently changed to Common Cents. Malalaman natin kung bakit.

What I love about this guy is his simplicity in teaching and in bringing up his message. Thus, common cents is swak na swak talaga.

He exposing some myths and realities about insurance and financial literacy na hindi natin nakikita or naririnig sa ibang mga financial adviser. Makalaglag panga ika nga. That's why in my opinion, isa siya sa iilan na talagang honest at mapagkakatiwalaan.

He's also an author and we'll hear about his upcoming book later on the episode.

He's financial literacy advocate, a financial adviser, a blogger, an entrepreneur and a loving husband to his wife.

Key Takeaways

  • Some personal info and what keeps Carlo busy today
  • How Carlo Mercado discovered and started blogging
  • What Carlo learned after a not-so-successful blog he initially started
  • Why he renamed his blog from Retire Before 65 into Common Cents
  • How Common Cents blog differs(unintentionally) from another personal finance blog out there
  • How he defeated the "analysis paralysis" and move forward with his blog
  • Carlo's thoughts in choosing a topic to blog
  • Why other Financial Advisers and other "aspiring entrepreneurs" need to have their own blog
  • When did Carlo have his first earnings online and his realizations after
  • Why Carlo chose online platform like blogging and email marketing to deliver his "message"
  • 2 Important things Carlo would do if he's going to start again in his online journey
  • Some fun personal facts about Carlo Mercado
  • His best advice for aspiring Pinoy bloggers and online entrepreneurs
  • His upcoming book and how we can get it at a discounted price

Links and Resources

Common Cents blog

Reservation for Common Cents book

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