SPB 005 - How To Become A Podcaster And Be A Unique Influencer In The Online Space With Marv de Leon Of Freelanceblend

May 17, 2017

Welcome to the episode 005 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. We're having Marv de Leon today as our guest. 

We talked a lot of things from Marv's personal story, how he started and how he got where he is right now. Another epic episode on the list and I'm confident you'll learn something from here that can help you in your blogging, podcasting, and online business journey.

Who is Marv de Leon?

He's a podcaster, the founder of the freelanceblend podcast where he shares tips and inspiration to freelancers here in the Philippines. He also brings successful and well-known freelancers and entrepreneurs in his podcast show to share their journey and their insights about success, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.One of the well-known

He's one of the well-known influencers here in the Philippines. A co-author of the cyberpreneur book, he's also a columnist in one of the well-known newspaper in the Philippines

He's a freelancer, he's a business coach, a speaker, and a serial entrepreneur. He also runs several offline and online businesses.

He used to work in the corporate world but decided to quit and venture into freelancing, podcasting, and entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways

  • How Marv de Leon started his podcast and what pushed him in doing so
  • How he transitioned from employee into a full-time freelancer and podcaster
  • Marv's thought about the potential of podcasting in the Philippines
  • How to choose the best topic or "niche" for your podcast or blog
  • What are the things needed to start your own podcast
  • Marv's tips on how you can connect and invite influencers into your podcast or blog
  • Marv's first earnings online 
  • How he monetized his podcast and his blog
  • The best monetization for a blog, podcast and online business according to Marv
  • The one thing that Marv wished he did earlier in his podcasting/blogging journey
  • Some FUN facts about Marv de Leon
  • Marv's 2 best pieces of advice for aspiring Pinoy bloggers who wants to build a successful and profitable blog

Quote of the episode

"How you can be a big fish in a small pond"

Links and Resources


Marv De Leon personal website

Cyberpreneur book

Freelance blend was featured in Entrepreneur.com

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SPB 004 - Branding, Building Connections, Blogging And Becoming A Mompreneur With Ginger Arboleda

May 10, 2017

Yay! We're on the episode 004 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger podcast.

On this one, we have another exciting guest who will share her insights and views about blogging and online business. It's another epic episode where our guest dropped value-packed information that could help you in your blogging and online business journey.

Who's Ginger Arboleda?

She's the fouder of mommyginger.com, a blog about parenting, entrepreneurs and lifestyle. Aside from that, she also blog at manilareviews and manilafitness.

She's also the co-founder(with her husband) of the new startup called Taxumo. A tech start-up helping solopreneurs, freelancers and small business owners with their taxes.

Se's also the founder of Manila Workshops, an events management services that helps freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

She used to worked as a banker but decided to become a mompreneur. Aside from these things, she's also a mom and a loving wife to her husband.

Our guest is none other than Ginger Arboleda.

On this episdoe Ginger discussed and shared the following:

  • Some personal info and what keeps Ginger busy right now
  • How she started blogging(you may never heard of this story!)
  • How she took over her husband's family blog and became the blogger behind it
  • How they grew their manilareviews blog and how it took off 
  • How mommyginger started and how it took off for just a year!
  • Her advice for aspiring Mompreneurs and Mom bloggers
  • Ginger's thoughts on what's the best topic to blog
  • Ginger's thoughts on how a beginner can start a blog(this is big for beginners!)
  • How she earns decent amount in her blogs thru direct advertising
  • How you can position yourself and connect with BIG brands to advertise on your blog
  • A BONUS guide and exact steps she used to connect with BIG brands
  • How to build real connections thru your blog
  • Some fun facts about Ms. Ginger
  • Ginger's 2 best advice for aspiring Pinoy bloggers and Mompreneurs(this is big!)

This episode alone can provide you all the things you need to start a successful and profitable blog. Just listen to the every answers Ms. Ginger shared and I guarantee you you'll have a great idea and actionable tips that you can use on your own blog and online business.

I learned so much from this episode and I'm pretty sure I can use and apply them on my blogs and future ventures. I hope you learned a lot too.

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See you on the next episode. Cheer!

SPB 003 - How To Build A Successful and Profitable Blog: The Ready To Be Rich Way with Fitz Villafuerte

May 2, 2017

Welcome back! We're on episode 003 of the smart pinoy blogger podcast. This is going to be awesome! Why? Number 1. Our guest for today is none other than Mr. Fitz Villafuerte of Ready To Be Rich and Number 2. He dropped some value-bombed information and tips that will help you in your blogging and online business journey.

On this episode, Fitz discussed everything he knew and how he get started in blogging. 

Here's what you'll learn when you finished the episode:

  • Personal story of Fitz and how he transitioned from a corporate employee to a freelancer then became an entrepreneur
  • How Fitz started his blog and what get him into blogging
  • How Fitz earning from his blogs
  • What's the best monetization method you can use for your blog
  • How you can stand out as a new blogger today
  • How to choose the right topic for your blog
  • How to tap a market segment and position yourself as a new blogger
  • What Fitz wished he did earlier in his blogging career that could help you be more productive
  • His 2 best advice for aspiring Filipino bloggers who wants to build a profitable blog
  • How to pay forward and contribute to other aspiring Filipino bloggers

When you finished the episode, I can assure that you'll have full of actionable ideas that you can apply in your blog or in your online business. 

I feel like I attended a premium blogging seminar because of the lessons and blogging tips Fitz shared on this episode. Full-packed of valuable information from an experience and profitable blogger. Every words are worth-note taking!

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I hope this has been informative.

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SPB 002 - How to turn your blog into a profitable online business with Allan Ngo

April 10, 2017

Welcome on episode 002 of the Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. On this episode, we're so lucky to have one of the well-known online marketers in the Philippines. He's a dad, a solopreneur and an email marketing expert. He works on their family business day time and runs his online business at night.

You'll learn a lot of valuable lesson on this episode. I guarantee that when you finished the podcast, you'll have the idea on how you can build and start your own profitable blog and online business.

Not only that, Allan will also share his best advice and best practices in blogging and building an online business.

On this episode, Allan discussed how email marketing works and how it can help your blog or online business connects to your audience or customers. He shared how you can build TRUST online thru email communication.

Allan also shared how he started blogging and how he got into running a full-time online business. 

He connects with different international influencers and shares his wisdom with his digital edge community. He also offers email marketing and teaching Filipino how to sell online thru his InboxSociety.

Before the show ends, Allan provided his 2 best advice to aspiring Filipino bloggers and online entrepreneurs who want to build a successful and profitable blog or online business.

I hope you find this episode informative.

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SPB 001 - About Billy Ramirez

April 9, 2017

This is the 2nd episode of the Smart Pinoy Blogger podcast.

On this one, I share some personal information about me and my personal life. You'll learn how I get into blogging and online business. How I started my first blog as a hobby and when did I started my official blog that became successful and profitable.

I also share how I was laid off and how blogging helps me in bringing income to our family. This is just part of the introduction phase for this podcast. On the coming episodes, you'll hear blogging and online business tips that can help you and your blogs or online business grow. 

I'll be interviewing well-known and successful Filipino bloggers and online entrepreneurs so we can hear their stories, we can get inspiration and we can learn necessary lessons on how we can build our own successful and profitable blog or online business.

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SPB 000 - Introducing The Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast. What to expect?

April 7, 2017

Introducing the Smart Pinoy Blogger Podcast episode 000. On this initial episode, I'd like to share with you the goal of the blog and this podcast.

I also share what are the expectations on the future episodes including the frequency of uploading new episodes.

I'll keep this short. Please subscribe to the blog and to this podcast and learn how to build a successful and profitable blog.

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